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Global Logistics

MMS Global Logistics B.V. belongs to the MMS Group. Since 2012 are the activities mainly focused in Latin America Countries. The first project is realised begin of 2014.

Core tasks:
• Aquasition Latine America / Argentina
• River transport

MMS Global Logistics B.V. is special concentrating on:
• Container and bulk transport with pushbarges
• Container and bulk transport with selfpropellorvessels
• Pushboats following American standard
• Another types of ships on demand 

Delivery from those equipments belong to our posibilities aswel new and/or used.

Exploitation of some of those equipments are realised begin of 2014.


MMS Marine Services bv


Poldermolen  10
3352 TH    Papendrecht
The Netherlands
Telefoon +31 180 433 950


Paltrokmolen 2
3352 XG    Papendrecht
The Netherlands
GSM:   +31 (0) 6 53 23 36 56

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